Introducing Lush Lashes, Lush’s mascara that’s easy to use, no fuss, no matter your routine and lifestyle.

A low preservative, jet black mascara that harnesses the benefits of natural, lash conditioning, vegetarian ingredients to deliver volume and luscious lengths!

  • 98% of testers who used Lush Lashes during exercise said it stayed put during activity.
  • 98% of testers said that Lush Lashes delivered beautiful separation.
  • 94% noted significant lash definition whilst using Lush Lashes mascara.
  • 84% of customers said that they would recommend Lush Lashes to a friend.

Customer Reviews

"This mascara is so lovely for a natural everyday look, not too heavy but enough to make your lashes look longer and fuller!"

"An absolute top class mascara that would give any other brand a run for its money."

"Tried this for the first time today and it’s amazing! Better than any of the high end mascaras I’ve used!"

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