Brown paper packages tied up with string? No thanks! You don’t have to pick between your values and aesthetically pleasing prezzies; Lush gifts are a whole lot of your favourite things, bundled up using recycled, and recyclable gift wrap.

The creation, design and assembly of a Lush gift is no simple task. Inventors spend yonks creating products that evoke certain moods, feelings and moments, while the buying team is dedicated to tying in our ethical values, by finding responsibly sourced and reusable packaging.

So, now you know how much love and care is wrapped up in these gifts, the only thing left to do is pick one that suits your needs…

Ditch the plastic

If you like your gifts ready to go, you might want to turn to gift boxes. As well as each one being personally packed with products designed to work together, the box itself is made from recycled card and wrapped in recycled paper – a present perfect for your chosen person and the planet too.

Little or large, every box has been designed to be reused, with colour throughout, making the unwrapping an even more exciting spectacle. As well as in-house creatives, collaborations are commonplace within Lush, with artists and organisations lending their genius to produce a truly unique gift.

We work with Arthouse Unlimited, a social enterprise that showcases the talents of people with severe epilepsy, learning and physical disabilities. Yarn is made from post-consumer waste PET, all taken from recycled bottles collected in Northern Italy. Lush has been using recycled PET ribbons for some of the gift range since 2016, and in 2018 we used 1,152,000 meters of the ribbon for the UK gift range.

In it to tin it

When we’re thinking about reusable packaging, tins get tens across the board! Seasonally, tins come in unique designs -often designed by external artists- that make for a quirky storage box that will last forever. Our tins often go on to have a second life as a biscuit or trinket tin – or even to stock more Lush goodies! The smaller tins are perfect to store jewellery when travelling.

Cut the wrap

What is better than one present? Two, of course! Knot Wraps are a fabric alternative and recyclable gift wrap inspired by Japanese Furoshiki (a wrapping cloth). Not only do they look fantastic but reduce wastage because they can be used again and again (or given back to the gift-giver in true Japanese fashion). There are a range of Knot Wraps to choose from – RPET wraps, made from fibres of recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton Knot Wraps, or vintage upcycled wraps that will be selected for you when you order. Since 2010 we have recycled over 6 million 500ml plastic bottles for RPET wraps.

Choose one of our Knot-Wrapped gifts, containing an expertly picked selection of Lush goodies, or hand pick the products you know your loved one will adore and tie them up with the help of a handy tutorial. If the above don’t give you enough reasons to Knot Wrap, head here to help make your decision easier!

Of course, we can’t forget special occasions and seasonal options. Whether you’re buying for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day or, the big one, Christmas, a splendid seasonal gift is always at hand. The gifts team starts designing the Christmas gift boxes in January, just after the previous Christmas, to ensure that innovation, indulgence, and ethically sourced, reusable packaging is at the heart of every gift that hits the shelves.

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Lush has been using recycled PET ribbons for some of the gift range since 2016, and in 2018 we used 1,152,000 meters of the ribbon for the UK gift range.


Original article by LUSH UK
Edited by LUSH Singapore