Fall into Snow Fairy's candy floss cheer and bubblegum sweetness!

Each year, we welcome our bestselling Snow Fairy range back in for Christmas, and this year is no different. Let those whom you love know how sweet they mean to you with these enchanting Snow Fairy products.

Snow Fairy Gifts

Fairy Christmas Gift, $179

Wish someone a fairy merry Christmas this year, with the ultimate collection of Snow Fairy scented products. Fall under our signature Christmas scent's spellbinding effect, this hat box gift contains everything from shower gel and bath items, to body spray and dusting powder. Everything to captivate the ultimate Snow Fairy fan in your life.

Contents: Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar, Snow Fairy 250g Shower Gel, Snow Fairy Bath Bomb, Snow Fairy Body Conditioner, Snow Fairy Body Spray, Fairy Dust Dusting Powder, Snow Fairy Soap

Snow Fairy Gift, $85

Snow Fairy shimmers into shops but once a year, and with this spectactularly sparkly gift box, you can see why it's such a beloved best seller. Whether you're a bather or prefer the shower, this hat box has you covered, literally! With a bath bomb and bubble bar, alongside a shower gel and body conditioner, all sharing the iconic Snow Fairy fragrance.

Contents: Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100g, Snow Fairy Bath Bomb, Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar, Snow Fairy Body Conditioner 45g

Little Snow Fairy Gift, $40

Two Snow Fairy sweet treats for when you need some Snow Fairy magic in your life. This little gift goes a long way. Lay back and let the sweet scent of the bath bomb fizz around you, then top up with the candy floss shower gel.

Contents: Snow Fairy Bath Bomb, Snow Fairy Shower Gel


If you prefer to customise your gifts for awe-inspiring fascination, wrap up your chosen fairies in a Snow Fairy Knot Wrap for a gift that keeps on giving.

Snow Fairy Knot Wrap, 70cm x 70cm, $15

This reusable Knot Wrap is produced from 100% organic cotton, and is made by the talented artisans of re-wrap, a social enterprise in India focussing on environmental and social change.


Snow Fairy Products


Snow Fairy Shower Gel, from $22
Pictured for approximate size reference: 1kg, 500g, 250g, 100g

This candy-sweet Christmas shower gel is packed with plastic-free glitter. Shimmer with Lush Snow Fairy magic that comes but once a year.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner, from $29

On wet skin after a shower, massage this into the skin or simply leave on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing away gently for the sweetest Snow Fairy soft skin. This candy floss scented body conditioner will moisturise and protect with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter while prolonging the Snow Fairy scent on the skin.


Fairy Dust Dusting Powder, $25

This sweet Snow Fairy scented dusting powder is full of plastic-free glitter. Sprinkle over clean skin to soften, feel fresh, and shimmer.


Snow Fairy Lights Bath Bomb, $25

This Snow Fairy just keeps giving with a new 3-in-1 design perfect for your Secret Santa pick. Candy floss scented and filled with multicoloured bath confetti to create a sea of fairy lights.


Snow Fairy Bath Bomb, $18

Our classic, glittery bubblegum best seller. Use with Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar for the ultimate relaxing bath to be the best-smelling fairy around.

Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar, $20
The Big Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar, $49

Pictured for approximate size reference

Mountains of bubbles, sparkling waters and the sweet candy floss scent, magical bathing is here again. This bubble bar can be used alone, but we recommend pairing it with our Snow Fairy Bath Bomb for a more immersive experience.


Snow Fairy Hand and Body Soap, $17

Keeping our hands clean has never been more important than now. The scentsational sweetness of our Christmas favourite can now be part of your hand washing routine. Filled with rose water and Fair Trade Organic aloe vera for fairy softness, add a touch of magic to your washes.


Complete the Snow Fairy wonderland with Snow Fairy Body Spray, which can also be used as a room spray to wrap you and your loved ones in a candy scented utopia.

Snow Fairy Body Spray, $60


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Adapted and written by Melissa for LUSH Singapore