Lush Henna Hair Dye FAQs

Henna is a natural alternative to hair dye that works like a varnish on the hair to give a glossy glaze of colour, without harming the hair, your health or the planet.  Like many a good long-term relationship, henna hair dye requires commitment, but you can expect unbeatable colour, body and  shine, body and colour in return. If you are planning to give henna a try, it’s worth thinking realistically about your hair goals, as the nature of henna means your hair won’t be bright blonde a month after using. We've tried to answer as many of your questions here so you can henna with confidence and love your results.   Frequently Asked Questions What is henna? Lawsonia inermis is a flowering plant that contains an ancient pigment in its leaves capable of producing a rich red to orange pigment. Commonly believed to be indigenous to northern Africa and the Middle East, henna has been used to dye hair, nails and skin for thousands of years.    How does henna work?  Henna plant leaves contain compounds known as naphthoquinones: a group of natural pigments that are believed to be responsible for changing the colour of fertilised fruits and protecting plants against ultraviolet light, dryness and insects. A dye is formed when the natural precursors in the henna leaf (known as hennosides) react to mildly acidic conditions, such as lemon juice, and oxidise. The lawsone then binds with the keratin in the hair cuticle, varnishing rather than penetrating the hair fibre.    Is Lush henna natural? Lush henna bricks are composed of 100% natural ingredients, including the highest quality Iranian henna and indigo, and herbs and essential oils that benefit the hair and scalp.    New Lush henna formulas were released in 2022. What’s changed?  Along with the addition of a new henna brick, Vénitien, there have also been improvements made to our existing range. The cocoa butter content of the bricks has been reduced, and the amount of colourful powders increased. Our lovely henna powder now goes through an additional sieving process so it’s ultra fine. All this gives the bricks improved colouring performance and richer cool and warm tones but keeps the product in an easy-to-use brick format. A new snappable design makes the product easier to prepare and it also melts down much more quickly, saving you time. The packaging has also had a revamp. While we love to keep our products as naked as possible, we recognise the need for detailed information on our henna bricks so customers can get the best results. You’ll find instructions as well as a scannable QR link to a how to use video. The beautiful recycled paper packaging has been inspired by the different henna body art designs found across Africa, the Middle East and Asia and can be used to store your henna safely and as a lovely keepsake too. Read more about the process of changing the henna bricks in True Colours: Hair Colouring for the Curious and the Cautious.   What are the benefits of henna? Where do we start? Henna is one of the few materials found in nature that has an affinity with the hair’s keratin, meaning it gives amazing lasting colour without the need for a chemical mordant which ‘fixes’ the colour in place. It is also a wonderful ingredient to use if you want to add body to the hair, increase shine, and make your locks look and feel beautifully healthy. It is both a treatment for the hair (use Brun on brunette hair to see for yourself!) as well as a natural colourant.     How do I pick my colour? Lush henna bricks are available in five shades, from the brightest red to cool brunette. You can mix and match these to subtly tailor your colour if you like, but if you are planning to go from light, twinkly grey or white to a dark colour you will have to apply a base of Rouge or Vénitien first (see the steps for blonde or white hair below). Rouge contains no indigo, so it will provide a fiery red colour which varies in intensity depending on your natural colour. Very fair hair will have the brightest results. Rouge is also an essential base coat if you are going from fair to dark or covering a high proportion of grey hairs (See : Will henna cover my grey hairs?). Vénitien is a shine enhancing for naturally blonde, light or white hair made with half the amount of henna to give warm hues to the hair and Cassia Obovata (often referred to as neutral henna) coats the hair in a translucent gloss giving conditioning effects to the hairs cuticle. Marron has a high henna content but the addition of indigo to provide a darker, chestnut red. Brun contains a higher percentage of indigo than henna to provide a rich, chocolate brown colour with minimal red tones. Noir contains the highest percentage of indigo to provide a deep coffee brown with cool undertones. To maintain the cooler tones, you may want to top up regularly as indigo adheres to the hair less effectively than henna.   How long does henna hair dye last?  Henna is a permanent change to the hair. As henna coats the outside of the hair, the colour grows out naturally with hair growth. The colour is most vibrant in the first few weeks that you henna your hair, but can fade over time.   I’ve had a black henna tattoo before – is it safe for me to use Lush henna?  Black henna is a dangerous adulterated blend of henna and paraphenylenediamine (also known as PPD): an ingredient used in permanent hair dyes to create dark shades. It has high allergy-inducing potential (which is why box hair dyes will always warn you to do a patch test). The amount of PPD allowed in commercial and professional dyes is strictly regulated in the UK and EU, but black henna tattoos contain dangerously high levels of this ingredient to give the design a darker colour and make it last longer. If you have ever had a black henna tattoo you may have been sensitised to PPD-containing products without your knowledge and should be very careful using synthetic hair dyes.  Lush henna does not contain any PPD or similar contaminants meaning it is safe to use if you have had a black henna tattoo in the past. We also regularly test our henna to ensure it has not been adulterated.   I’ve had a reaction to synthetic hair dye before, is it safe for me to use Lush henna? Henna is a wonderful alternative hair dye for people who have allergies to synthetic dyes. The ingredient has an incredibly long history of use and your chance of being allergic to it is very low indeed (unless you have a genetic condition called G6PD Deficiency in which case you should not use henna.)  However, if you are concerned, you can conduct a patch test by applying a small amount of Lush henna paste to your forearm, leaving it for two hours before removing, then waiting for 96 hours to ensure you have no redness or irritation.    Do I need to do a strand test before I use henna? Yes, please. Henna is classed as permanent by many specialists because it brings such lasting colour to your hair, (particularly fairer shades). As your beautiful new colour is here to stay for the long term, apply henna to a section of hair about half an inch wide (we recommend this strand is from underneath the hair, around the nape of the neck) and do a trial run to make sure you are 100% happy with the result. You’ll have a good idea of the final colour after 48 hours.   How do I dye my white, blonde, or light hair dark? The most dramatic transformation henna can produce is on blonde or white hair. If you are planning to dye your fair hair brown or much darker, you must always start with a red base. This is crucial to avoid khaki tones and potentially patchy coverage. We repeat: step away from the Noir – for now.  Following the How To Use steps on the henna product pages, apply a base of Rouge or Vénitien first, and follow up with your preferred colour, whether that’s Brun, Noir or Marron. Even if it’s Rouge once more, a second application will make sure your coverage is even and more vivid. You can reapply henna as soon as you like, so either enjoy fantastically bright red hair for a couple of days or whip on your next colour as soon as your hair has dried. If your desired shade is very dark or your natural hair is very fair, additional applications may be needed, but your henna and indigo blend will continue to oxidise over a couple of days and may subtly darken anyway. Hennaed fair hair will require the most maintenance to keep your colour tip top. Top up as often as you like and as suits your lifestyle; monthly will keep your colour in beautiful condition.    Will henna cover my grey hairs? Henna has a stunning effect on greys. Grey hair is composed of fibres that have lost their melanin and turned white, and fibres that still retain their natural dark colour, creating an overall impression of ‘grey’. That’s why blondes and redheads tend to go fairer as they age. Only brunettes appear to go ‘grey’. You may have also noticed that grey hairs tend to be a little coarser than pigmented hairs.  Henna will not fully cover these but coats them in a dazzling, twinkly way that looks natural – plus, you wont get that harsh line when your roots grow back through! On hair that is over 40% grey, the result will be very vibrant, and you should follow the same procedure for treating white hair as blonde (see above), using Rouge as a base colour to counteract green shades and then following with your chosen colour. You may need to apply Rouge twice if that is your chosen colour. Re-apply your henna as often as you like to keep the coverage fresh and your lighter hairs extra twinkly.    Can I use bleach before or after using henna? Resist the urge to immediately bleach hair that has been coloured with henna, as bleach opens the cuticles of the hair and forces the colour deeper inside. You should wait until there is a noticeable fading of the henna on your hair before you try to lighten it and always conduct a strand test to check the final shade.  You can, however, apply henna to bleached hair. As bleach will make your hair more porous, it is especially susceptible to very bright results so be extra vigilant with the strand test. If you want to dye bleached hair darker you will need to apply a Rouge base first, followed by the darker shade. See the steps for blonde or white hair. Can I use henna on hair coloured with synthetic hair dye and vice versa? You can apply henna to synthetically coloured hair, but chemically colouring over the top of henna is a much trickier task, as your dye will find it harder to penetrate the cuticle. Wait at least a month or until your henna has noticeably faded and rely on a strand test to predict the results. You may need to wait longer, depending on how well the henna has taken to your hair.   Is henna suitable for Afro hair? Yes! Henna can have a lovely protective effect on curl patterns 3A to 4C, especially if it is high porosity. The lawsone adheres to the cuticle, sealing any broken or open parts of the cuticle, and is a gentle alternative to synthetic permanent dyes. The henna and indigo powders are sieved when making the bricks, giving a smooth consistency for ease of application on Afro hair and locs. You may notice that the combability of your hair is not improved when using henna (that’s because you are slightly increasing the density of the hair fibre) but the shine is fantastic. Some people may also find regular use loosens and defines their curl pattern slightly, which may or may not be an effect they like.   Can I apply henna to braids or a similar protective style? It’s advisable to only apply henna when your hair is loose to ensure that you have a thorough and even result (and are able to remove the henna successfully).    Can I use henna on my locs? Henna can have a lovely effect on locs but it does take extra work. Refining the brick to its finest consistency when preparing your dye gives the best results when removing henna. We advise using a co-wash to aid slip in the hair and to give extra time washing it out. Strand-testing is the best way to judge the scale of your job and your aptitude for it.    Can I use henna on my extensions? Henna can be a great option for human hair extensions (not synthetic) to add depth or change colour without inducing damage. Just make sure to do a strand test on both the extensions and your own hair to ensure you have a colour match you are happy with.   Can I use henna before or after a perming or relaxing treatment? Yes. Both relaxer and perming chemicals need to penetrate the cuticle to induce structural changes in the hair, however, so using henna beforehand (which adds a layer to the cuticle) will reduce the effectiveness of your treatment. Using henna after your treatment, however, is a lovely way to bring condition, shine and strength to hair damaged by the process.  It is advisable to avoid using henna on your hair two weeks before you relax or perm it, and to wait at least three days but ideally a few weeks after relaxing or perming the hair to allow the structural changes to solidify. If you both henna and perm or straighten your hair regularly, you may not quite achieve the desired structural changes, but your hair will look in much better condition. It’s also natural for a little of the henna colour to come away during a perm or relaxer.   Can I use henna if I am transitioning from relaxed to natural hair? Yes, but again bear in mind that you are working with different textures. Relaxed ends are likely to be very porous and accept the colour more quickly than natural roots. If your hair is dark, this is unlikely to show but bleached or blonde hair may have a very bright result in some areas. Multiple applications will be key.   Can I use henna to colour my beard, eyebrows or eyelashes? Lush henna is a great option for colouring your beard. Beard hairs are coarser than scalp hair fibres and so may require further applications. If you have a very long beard use a shampoo through the lengths and ends. Apply Ultraplant around the hairline and follow the steps below. Lush henna bricks have been designed for use on thicker scalp hairs and so we do not recommend using them around the eye area, as both the area of skin is very delicate, and the hair fibres are very fine.    How often can I apply henna? You can henna as often as you like to keep your colour in beautiful condition, whether that’s once a week or once every few months. Frequent applications will also build up the colour for a darker or brighter result, depending on the amount of indigo or henna in your chosen brick. Indigo adheres less strongly to the hair and so Noir, Brun and Marron may require more frequent top-ups than Rouge and Vénitien.    How do I get henna hair dye off my skin?  Whether you have a friend carefully apply your henna or you are doing it yourself, some henna hair dye can inevitably end up on your skin. Although this is not usually very visible and fades away with a wash or two, there are some simple measures we recommend to avoid skin staining altogether:  Wear a pair of household gloves to protect your hands.  Apply a pair of gloves to protect your hands.  A protective layer of our Ultrabland can be applied to your ears, neck and hairline to create a barrier where the dye cannot settle and be simply wiped away once you’re ready to rinse.  When you come to wash off your henna, be sure to use circular motions focusing around the hairline to initially lift away any stains. We also recommend following this up with our Avocado Co-Wash which works a treat in making sure the henna lifts from the skin. Can I freeze my leftover henna? We wouldn't advise this – Lush products are best used fresh!   Want to find out more? You’ll find a step by step How To Use video here for how to apply henna and top tips for the best results.   Original article by LUSH UK

Beat The Heat – Cooling and Refreshing products just for you.

34 degrees celcius?!😱 Whether you need something to bring on the go or for the home, here are some of Lush's best products that will keep you prepared for Singapore's hot and humid days. *Click on the product images to go to their detailed individual listings.   For before you head out into the sweltering heat☀️ Although Lush deodorants do not have anti-perspirant properties, these contain absorbent ingredients that will help you feel dry and fresh. Aromaco Solid Deodorant $20/100g This solid deodorant is packed full of gentle, natural ingredients to keep you feeling fresh. Absorbent sodium bicarbonate and witch hazel helps you stay dry, while antibacterial chamomile vinegar and cooling, fragrant patchouli keep you smelling sweet. Think of Aromaco as a roll on deodorant without the extra packaging. Simply rub under clean, dry armpits and you’re ready to go.   The Greeench Deodorant Powder $28 Thyme, tea tree and sage steal away odour and keep you fresh. Rosemary, sage and thyme unite to battle bacteria. This may not look like your conventional deodorant, but rest assured absorbent lycopodium powder will keep your pits dry so you can strut your stuff with confidence.   Sprinkle onto the palm of your hand and rub into dry, clean pits(or anywhere you need.     To take with you on the go👟 These products are easy to use while out and about!   Creme de Menthe Mouthwash Tabs $19 Super convenient for whenever you want a breath refresher. Just pop a tablet in your mouth, nibble to break it up, add some water to dissolve the product, gargle, and spit out. Malic acid tickles your tastebuds with a smooth, juicy flavour, and peppermint oil gives you a shot of ice-cool refreshment.   Stale mask-wearing breath? No place for it here!     No Drought Dry Shampoo $30 If the heat and humidity is ruining your otherwise perfect curtain bangs or is making your crown look limp, enter No Drought to the rescue! Cornstarch, magnesium carbonate, and talc will soak up excess oils, leaving a matte, clean look.   Spread some of the product on your palms, massage a little into your scalp and through the hair, then brush out with a comb or simply with your fingers. For volume, apply the product before back-combing. Tip: Start with a little product and massage in first, before layering on more product if needed. This helps prevent a white powdery look.     Eau Roma Water Toner Water $25/100g, $38/250g This is an elegant formula that’s suitable for even the most sensitive skins. Rose water will help to calm and reduce redness, whilst lavender water will balance and soften the skin. Perfect for cooling down the skin after sun exposure! Spritz it on the skin whenever you need. Our toners are alcohol-free and can be used on top of make-up!     For when you get home after a long day🏡 These products will help you wash away the day's sweat and dirt.   Magic Crystals Shower Scrub $45/300g, $65/600g Fine sea salt and Epsom salt exfoliate while fresh rosemary and sage infusions cleanse and tone. Rinse off and let menthol crystals, peppermint and spearmint oils to leave cool tingles up and down your skin.   Grab a handful and rub in small circular motions, then rinse. Use it on wet skin for a gentle scrub, or try on dry skin for a really good buff before you step into the shower! This lathers up when wet, so you don't need to use another shower gel or soap with this. How convenient!     Dirty Shower Gel $24/100g, $45/250g, $70/500g Dirty is one of Lush's signature scents. This shower gel contains spearmint oil and menthol crystals to cool and refresh the skin without needing any extra time from your regular shower routine. It's no wonder Dirty shower gel is one of our bestsellers and is highly popular as gifts!   Big Shampoo $55 Big is made with coarse sea salt that exfoliates the scalp while getting rid of excess oils and provide a lift to the hair for volume. Fresh lemon and lime juices help give a fresh and clean feeling while orange flower absolute lends a lasting scent. Tip: For a stronger exfoliating feel, grab a handful and massage into the scalp before getting your hair wet. Once wet, the product lathers to cleanse away any dirt. Big is great at getting rid of any product build ups from hair sprays and waxes too.   Wasabi Shan Kui Shampoo $27/100g, $55/300g, $70/600g Menthol crystals in this shampoo cools the scalp while fresh horseradish puree and caffeine powder stimulate hair growth. If you've been losing hair from a sweat and oil prone scalp, give this shampoo a try! Tip: Work the shampoo into a lather, then leave on for 1-2 minutes before rinsing away thoroughly. Then, follow up with your favourite hair conditioner.   Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask $32/125g, $50/315g This is our best-selling mask for good reason! Bentone gel and Kaolin draw out dirt and impurities from the pores, and ground organic aduki beans exfoliate to leave your skin soft, clean, and bright. Peppermint oil makes it super cooling, and this mask works amazing on the whole body too. Apply a generous layer wherever you want, leave on for 10-15 minutes before washing away in circular strokes.   For when you need a relaxing bath🛀 A warm bath will always be the best way to soothe any muscle aches, even if it's hot outside! Dirty Bath Bomb $16 A limited edition bath bomb in our beloved Dirty scent. Just like the shower gel, this bath bomb also contains spearmint oil to invigorate your senses.  Dirty bath bomb is released as part of our Father's Day range in 2022, be sure to grab it before it's gone!   Frozen Bubble Bar $14 Frozen bubble bar is absolutely a perfect complement to the Dirty bath bomb. Use them together for a bubbly, fun, and luxurious bath!   ☂️Stay safe from the heat and sun out there! For a personalised consultation, feel free to buzz us on our Whatsapp Business at +65 8919 1831 or visit any of our stores and we'll be happy to help you out!   Written by Melissa for LUSH Singapore

Say thank you to the maternal figure in your life…

With Lush's Mother's Day 2022 Collection Introducing Lush’s Mother’s Day 2022 range. Say thank you to the maternal figure in your life with these handmade vegan products and gift them in one of Lush’s reusable Knot Wraps!   The Lush Mother’s Day 2022 range is available from 8th April 2022 on and in all shops in Singapore. Click on the product thumbnails in this article to go straight to the product page to add to your cart.   Bath Products Jasmine Bath Bomb $14 each This fragrant flower fizzes away to reveal a creamy white bath with a sophisticated jasmine and ylang ylang scent. Elephant In The Tea Room Bath Bomb $16 each A surreal afternoon tea party in your tub. Steep yourself in Sencha tea, fragrant bergamot and a dash of soya milk.   Atom Heart Mother Bath Bomb $16 each Enjoy the sights and scents of a summer’s day, from dawn to dusk and into the glorious warm night, in your bathtub.   Rose Gold Bath Bomb $16 each Relax into a vibrant, shimmering sunset bath. Orange and pink hues swirl while the calming floral scents release from this ornate pomander. Besties Bubble Bar $14 each Bubbly love from your mini me, hold this uplifting citrusy bubble bar under running water for a foam filled bath.   Shower, Body, and Skincare   Yummy Custard Body Wash $22 / 100g $39 / 250g Our secret recipe for soft skin. Made with soothing vanilla-infused oat milk, thickened with skin-velvetising corn starch.   Mimosa Shower Gel $20 / 100g $39 / 250g $59 / 500g Brunch babes unite! Enjoy bottomless bubbles, made with a blend of mimosa flower absolute and a dash of fresh orange juice.   Lovely Hand Balm $25 / 100g A lightweight emulsion of aloe vera and fast-absorbing oils, scented with everlasting flowers. How lovely is that! Dab or scoop this lovely hand balm onto your palms and rub all over to soften and hydrate.   Buzzy Mum Soap $14 each Enjoy the sights and scents of a summer’s day, from dawn to dusk and into the glorious warm night, in your shower. Wonder Mum Eye Pad *in stores only* A wondrous eye pad with fennel and carrot juice, for Wonder Mums out there everywhere. Keep in the fridge until ready to cool and calm your eyes.   Gift Sets You're The Best $35 This is a great little gift to show someone they are valued. Not just great for Mums but anyone who has gone above and beyond. Contents: Jasmine bath bomb Rose Gold bath bomb   Just For You $49 This is a pampering little gift with a bright and elegant floral design, great for shower lovers. With our all year round favourite Olive Branch and the brand new Lovely hand cream.   Contents: The Olive Branch shower gel 100g Lovely hand balm 50g   MUM $75 This gift has a charming and whimsical design depicting a spring parade of garden characters. Perfect gift for Mums who like to bathe in bath bombs, this gift contains three limited edition and one all year round favourite.  Contents: Atom Heart Mother bath bomb Rose Gold bath bomb Twilight bath bomb Jasmine bath bomb Bring Me Sunshine $129 An uplifting and sweet selection of body care and shower products to brighten and soften from head to toe. Contents: Mimosa shower gel 100g Lemon Zest soap 100g Sweet Wild Orange hand balm 50g Yummy Custard body wash 50g Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar Repeat foot balm 10g Happy Mother's Day $119 Beautifully wrapped in a bright floral Knot Wrap, this gift contains a selection of exclusive bathing, shower and body care products from the Mothers day range.  Contents: Lovely hand balm 50g Buzzy Mum soap 100g Mimosa shower gel 100g Jasmine bath bomb Atom Heart Mother bath bomb Besties bubble bar The Elephant in The Team Room bath bomb Happy Mother’s Day Knot Wrap Mum's Bathtime Favourites $139 Eight bathing wonders, perfect for Mother’s Day gifting. This gifts artwork was designed by Anna Ng, depicting Mother Nature sending a message of hope to the world, symbolised by the dove, as Spring arrives. Contents: Rose Gold bath bomb Atom Heart Mother bath bomb Jasmine bath bomb Besties bubble bar Groovy Kind of Love bath bomb Sakura bath bomb Sleepy bubble bar The Elephant in The Tea Room bath bomb   Knot Wraps Lush Multiverse $15 The iconic Lush Hares take centre stage surrounded by a fantasy land of Lush products, waves of colour and supernatural wonders. This Knot Wrap has been designed by freelance designer Sharm Murughia.    Feel Your Inner Power  $15 A real statement piece! A great message to send out to the powerful women in your life! Designed by freelance design team Cachete Jack.   Thanks A Bunch $15 A bright pink trellis full of smiling faces. This Knot Wrap has been designed by freelance designer Hide Your Toys.   You Rock $15 An abstract pattern showing the inside of precious crystals. Bright neons with a flash of gold foil to make your gift stand out from the crowd.     Original article by LUSH UK

Singapore Freshness Sale 2022 Terms and Conditions

Sales T&Cs, they’re as easy as 1,2,3s. Well, well, here’s a lovely surprise for you from us! A Lush haul at 50% off the original online and retail selling price for festive gifts and products, plus some products we are saying goodbye to. This sale is available Online only, on our website:   Why do we do a sale? Because we believe fresh is best! At Lush we have a Freshness policy showing our commitment to selling the freshest cosmetics and being transparent so you’ll always know when something was made.   But before you start adding to your basket, please take a look at our sale terms and conditions below (please note for online sales that these T&Cs supplement our standard online T&Cs which can be found here):    1. The sale will begin at 10am on 18th January 2022 and will finish on 31st January 2022 or when we have run out of stock. 2. The sale is on a ‘first come first served’ basis and subject to availability. As the stock is limited, it will not be remade once it has been sold through. 3. The products to be included in the sale shall be at our sole discretion and we make no guarantee as to the type or availability of any of the products included within the sale, although we hope to include as many of your favourite festive treats and other popular products as possible. 4. All stock will be sold in line with our bulk buying policy to ensure products are for personal use and not for resale. 5. We hope you are thrilled with your purchases, however, in the case of a fault, we are unfortunately unable to replace sale items due to limited stock. All sale items are not eligible for any exchanges or refunds. Customer Care will be able to offer a full refund on any faulty sale items, or if the sale items arrived to you in a badly damaged and unuseable condition. In these cases, please email with clear photos of the external look of your damaged parcel, and of the affected product/s. 6. Some of the products in the sale are outside the time frames of our usual Freshness Policy (this is not the same thing as their best before date). It’s possible that a few of the items you purchase won’t be as fresh or look as good as our full-priced items and we think it’s important you’re aware of that now before receiving them. 7. During the sale period, processing times for all orders will be longer than usual. For this reason, orders may fall out of the delivery times quoted in our Delivery Information page. You shall not be entitled to a refund of any delivery fees in the event your order is not delivered within these timeframes. We will however endeavor to have Next Day Delivery orders delivered by the end of the next day from when the order is made. 8. The discount is applicable against the gross value of the product. 9. Where any of these sale terms and conditions conflict with our standard T&Cs, these terms and conditions shall prevail in relation to the purchase of any sale products. 10. We reserve our right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time without prior written notice and at our sole discretion. Now the small print’s done, it’s time to get ordering. We hope you enjoy the sale!

Charity Pot: Funding Guidelines (Singapore)

We like to look after those who look after others, and we are committed to supporting small, grassroots groups and other non-profit organisations working in the following areas: Environment  Animal protection Human rights (including equality, peace and social justice)   All applications within these fields will be considered irrespective of their geographical location or how the organisation is registered, however we will not support an organisation that: Promotes or supports violence, aggression or oppression towards others (we will only support non-violent direct action groups); Denies the human rights of others; Is involved in cruelty or subjugation of animals, including farming, tests or research; Forces or coerces others to change their religious beliefs; Harbours racism, prejudice or judges others on anything other than their own actions; Has not made every effort to be environmentally responsible.   We have thought very carefully about which causes we want to help and how we can make the most impact with our funding; the following information is provided to help you ascertain whether your project is what we're looking for. Please read this document carefully before applying; if you have any questions please email We are sorry that we are not able to offer feedback on rejected applications. If your application is rejected, please consider applying again. A rejection may simply mean that we cannot afford to support the project that month, not that we don’t support what you do.   Which organisations do you fund? The majority of our funding is allocated to small, grassroots groups that are often best placed to make a real difference with limited resources and often struggle to find funding. Almost all the groups we fund have annual incomes of less than SGD250,000 and most are substantially smaller than this and run entirely or predominantly by volunteers. If your organisation is in the fortunate position of having many supporters and corporate sponsors or able to secure mainstream funding such as government grants, you're probably not one for us. We believe we can make the most impact by funding causes that are often overlooked by other funders, therefore we give priority to less popular issues which are more difficult to raise funds for. The most popular causes tend to be health charities (medical research, hospices etc), social welfare, religious causes, children/ young people and military related causes, so these aren't a priority for us. We're looking for organisations that take on issues that others don't, those that push the boundaries and challenge mainstream opinion. We don't fund religious organisations, schools, councils, student expeditions or academic studies neither do we contribute to sponsored walks or other fundraising initiatives or sponsor events. We also don’t fund individuals. You will have to apply for a group and the money must be paid into a group bank account. We cannot put money into an individual’s bank account, for obvious reasons.    Which projects do you fund? As a campaigning company we particularly look for projects that create long-term change. Whilst we appreciate and understand the need for projects that care for or rehabilitate those in need (whether that's people, animals or the planet) we also feel it’s crucially important to fund projects that aim to stop the abuse from happening in the first place by addressing the root cause of the problem; for example, we would prefer to fund a project that aims to stop deforestation (e.g. by challenging the palm oil industry) over one that aims to plant trees to restore an area that’s already been deforested. We therefore prioritise funding to projects which aim to change opinion and behaviour through raising awareness of issues, activism, education and campaigning, particularly because this kind of work is not well funded elsewhere. We're looking for initiatives that reach beyond those directly involved in the project; those that have the potential to benefit many rather than just a few individuals. However, we do also fund projects that provide aid and support where needed, such as animal shelters and refugee support and advice groups. As well as challenging harmful practices it's important to support positive alternatives. Therefore, we also look for projects that promote and implement viable, fair and sustainable solutions to the world's problems. We get a lot of applications for legal challenges but our experience has shown that this is not a good use of our funding. We will only consider funding legal actions if you have a favourable barrister’s opinion, and can demonstrate the national importance of your case.   Key principles We fund organisations and projects in line with our values. Some of our key principles are as follows. Animals: All our events and meetings are catered vegetarian/ vegan; we won't fund any food costs unless the same applies and likewise won’t support farming projects involving animals. We do not agree with the culling of animals for conservation or keeping wild animals in captivity, including captive breeding programmes, the exception being wildlife sanctuaries where animals cannot be released in to the wild due to injury.  We also only support animal sanctuaries that have a no-destruction policy. We also do not fund rehoming projects where the animals are going to another country. Use of paper: We only use 100% recycled post-consumed paper for our printed materials so we wouldn't fund printing of leaflets etc if this isn't also the case. However, we do also recognise that in some countries recycled paper is not widely available and will make a decision on this on a case-by-case basis. Flights: We do our best to minimise flights at Lush, our staff do not fly unnecessarily for Lush business and we have a self-imposed Carbon Tax on international flights which we use to fund sustainable transport and climate change related projects and campaigns. Therefore, we are unlikely to fund flights except where absolutely necessary. We will consider alternative travel costs. Climate change strategies: We do not support market-based solutions to climate change, such as carbon trading, carbon offsetting, clean development mechanism or Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD).    Top tips for successful applications 1. We prioritise campaigning over core funding 2. We favour project costs over salaries and core costs 3. We like focused, well defined projects 4. A clear, detailed Budget is essential 5. We prioritise projects that find it hard to attract funding elsewhere 6. We favour groups that are environmentally responsible 7. We prioritise voluntary groups over salaried groups 8. It is useful to know what you could do with less money, if we cannot give the full amount 9. Supply clear project activities – what will you DO? Common reasons for rejection  1. The application is waffly and it is difficult to grasp what it is you do and want to achieve 2. The Budget is inadequate or unconvincing. Cost everything out, and do not inflate your costs 3. The application is for salaries, not project costs 4. Your organisation is religious 5. Your project does not challenge the causes of injustice, animal abuse or environmental destruction 6. Your project would be likely to attract mainstream support elsewhere and is easy to attract funding for 7. You do not give a group bank account (we cannot pay into individual’s accounts)   For more information about LUSH's Charity Pot funding, please see these articles linked below: Charity Pot: Frequently Asked Questions Charity Pot: Supporting grassroots groups  

Charity Pot: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question about LUSH's Charity Pot grants 1. How do I apply for a grant from Charity Pot? To apply for a Charity Pot grant you will need to complete an application form. To request an application form, please email with the subject "application form request". In your email please give a brief description of your organisation and the project you'd like funding for (just a couple of paragraphs). Please email your application form as a Word document only (not a PDF or ODT). Do not copyright it, as we need to cut and paste details from the forms. Please do not print and post it. Please include links to anything you think is relevant to your applications. For example if you are applying for funding for a film, please include a link so the funding panel can view it. Do not post items as panel members are based all around the world! Please attach 1-2 photos if you think the panel would benefit from visualising what you are applying for.   2. Do you have any deadlines for applications? No, you can apply at any time. Please note that typically we assess applications monthly, i.e. we review the previous month’s applications at the start of the next month. So please try and get your application in before the end of the month if funding is needed urgently and make the urgency clear in your covering email. We would recommend that you apply for projects that start no less than 3 months after the submission of the application.   3. When will I know if my application is successful? We aim to let you know if your application has been short-listed or not within 4-6 weeks, after it has been reviewed by a panel. We then check references which can take a further couple of weeks, depending on how quickly your references respond (choose them carefully, as this part of the process can often take the longest). The panel may also have further questions about your application. If your application is urgent please make this clear in the covering email.  Please note that applications received in November and December may take longer to assess, as this is our busiest time of year as a business.   4. How much can I apply for? Our support ranges from SGD200 to a maximum of SGD2000 per project.   5. My organisation is not a registered charity, does that matter? No, we fund all types of organisations; it is not necessary to be a registered charity. Our focus is to support small, volunteer run grassroots groups and particularly campaign groups, which are often unable to register with the Charity Commission yet play an important role in society.   6. Do you fund projects outside the Singapore? Yes, we fund projects all around the world. If your project is in or close to another Lush country which has a Charity Pot scheme, we may refer you on to them. We have Charity Pot schemes in 35 different countries now including most of Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, and Hong Kong. You can find contact details for them at    7. Can I apply for core costs/ general running costs? Yes, you can apply for core/ general running costs so long as you give a detailed breakdown of those costs. Although we prefer to fund project costs, we realise that without core costs covered an organisation cannot operate at all so we do consider applications with core costs included.   8. Can I apply for salary costs? We prefer to direct our funding to voluntary campaigning (which struggles to attract funding) and we very rarely fund salaries.  We simply cannot afford to pay salaries for all those campaigning and it would be unfair to pay salaries for some, and not for others. We feel our limited funds are best spent on supporting the underfunded voluntary groups.    9. Do you fund films? Generally we don't fund feature length films apart from exceptional cases. When we do fund films this would be as a donation rather than investment in the film and we'd expect the project to be a non-profit venture. We would like to see evidence of plans for any film produced that demonstrate it will be useful and widely viewed.    10. Do you sponsor events? We have a policy against paid advertising so we do not sponsor events. However, we are willing to consider giving a donation towards the costs of running an event if its aim falls in to one of our three focus areas. Please note that as public events would usually attract hundreds of participants these projects tend to have a much better opportunity for raising funds than many of those we are asked to support and our priority is to help those projects which need our help the most.   11. Do you fund individuals? No, we usually only support organisations and projects, although will consider salary costs, as above. We do not pay grants into an individual’s account either, and will need a group bank account (see below).   12. Do you fund start-ups and new organisations? Yes. We recognise that many new organisations and start-ups struggle to find the funds they need to get up on their feet and we like to give people a chance to make a difference. We ask that you provide references for, and track records of, the main individuals involved in the organisation, which we can use to assess the application.    13. If my project costs more than SGD2000, can I apply for part of the costs? Yes, you can apply for funding towards a project with a total budget of over SGD2000, but we prefer to fund small projects. We would need to see evidence of how you plan to raise the remainder of the project cost. If the total budget is substantially over SGD2000 we may ask you to come back again once you have raised the balance of the funds.    14. Can I apply for more than one project? Yes, you can do this and can include all projects on the same application form so long as each has a detailed budget, and the total is under SGD2000. However, the funding panels may choose to fund only one or some of the projects.    15. Does it matter if we don’t have a bank account for our organisation? We prefer to fund organisations that show commitment to their project by setting up a bank account.  However if this is not possible or time scales do not allow it, we may consider paying the donation in to an account of another organisation that you work closely with.  We do not pay money into individual’s accounts, for obvious reasons. Please ensure all your account details are correct. Many applications have incorrect bank details which causes a huge administrative burden on Charity Pot staff. We will reject all applications with incorrect bank details, so it is your responsibility to get these crucial details right.   16. How do you decide who to fund? As above, there are certain organisations and projects we prioritise for funding. We will use the application form to assess the project and will also ask for two references (see below). Our funding panels will short list, based on our priorities to fund grassroots campaigning. If your application is rejected, it may mean we were particularly heavily subscribed that month, not that we don’t support your project. Please consider applying again.   17. If my application is successful, what will my organisation need to do to acknowledge Lush's support? Nothing; we are happy to help and don't expect anything in return. However if you feel it would be beneficial to you to use our logo on your website or send out a press release about our donation, please always discuss this with us first as it can create a lot of extra work for us. We do list our donations on our website, to provide transparency to our customers and staff about how Charity Pot funds are spent. Many groups welcome this publicity, however if you would prefer that our donation to you is kept confidential, that is absolutely fine and please discuss this with us and make this clear on your application form.   18. What reporting requirements are there if I am successful? We expect all successful applicants to report back on how the money was spent, and the outcomes.  We will ask you to complete a report form at the end of your project, and certainly within a year of receiving funds. In the meantime, we'd love to hear from you regularly to hear how the project is progressing; this also gives us the opportunity to share your news with our customers (i.e. your potential supporters!) if you’d like us to.   19. Can I apply for a second grant? Yes. We give repeat grants, after at least a year of receiving previous funding. This wholly depends on funds available, the success of the first project and whether reporting requirements have been satisfied.   20. Will you give me feedback if my application is unsuccessful? We’re sorry that the high level of applications we receive mean it is not possible to give reasons why your application was not successful. However, please see the common reasons given above for unsuccessful applications.    21. If my application is unsuccessful, can I apply again? Yes please! We get more applications than we can afford to fund, and rejection of your application does not mean we don’t support your group. However, if you wish to reapply, please re-read our funding guidelines again to ensure you fit our funding criteria as this was probably the most likely reason you were unsuccessful before. You would need to demonstrate that the project has changed significantly.    22. Other than funding, what else do you offer charities? On a local level our shops offer pampering events and parties in the shop to raise the profile (and funds) for local groups and issues. Many of our shops also run local campaigns as well as running stalls at charity events. Please contact your local shop directly about any of these initiatives. You can find contact details for your local shop on our website:   If your questions have not been covered in this list, please email us at For more information about LUSH's Charity Pot funding, please see these articles linked below: Charity Pot: Charity Pot Funding Guidelines (Singapore) Charity Pot: Supporting grassroots groups

Charity Pot: Supporting grassroots groups

Charity Pot was set up in 2007 with the aim of supporting small, grassroots organisations that could use a helping hand to continue the incredible work that they do.   We raise money for Charity Pot by selling a hand and body lotion of the same name. 100% of the retail price paid by customers buying these products (minus the GST, which has to go to the Government) is given away to fund grassroots organisations working on animal protection, human rights and environmental issues around the world. We prioritise groups campaigning to create long term change which will benefit large sections of society and we try to help those whose radical stance and approach might make it difficult for them to source funding from elsewhere. We prefer to fund smaller organisations, especially those who have limited resources and struggle to find funding elsewhere. Charity Pot grants provide targeted funding to the small, grassroots groups. Charity Pot is now available in more than 35 different countries around the world and has raised over £50 million globally since its launch. Charity Pot grants provide targeted funding to the small, grassroots groups working in the areas of animal rights, human rights and environmental protection. We prioritise groups campaigning to create long term change which will benefit large sections of society and we try to help those whose radical stance and approach might make it difficult for them to source funding from elsewhere.   Prioritising campaigning projects Most donors favour the funding of short term measures which provide quick results and feel good images. However, short term measures are unlikely to create lasting change. Grassroots groups are very effective at addressing the root cause of problems as they are working towards long term solutions. Their messages and demands are also unpolluted by corporate interests and political factors. It is grassroots groups, involved in nonviolent direct action and campaigning, that play a vital role in challenging popular opinion and pushing for progression in society. By funding these groups, we are supporting change that is worth fighting for.   Supporting new groups Newly established  groups, especially those reacting to a new issue (such as fracking) can be very effective at defending the environment, people and animals affected. Of course, there is added risk in supporting a newly formed group, but it’s one we think is worth taking. Many grassroots groups, especially those engaged in campaigning, are not registered charities. If we limited our funding to only those groups that have registered with the Charity Commission we would severely impact our ability to support important community groups. Whilst charity registration may give a group the added incentive to be accountable, it would say little of their ethics, effectiveness or need.   EVENTS AND GRANTS Lush funds grassroots groups in two different ways; through local Charity Pot events, or with a grant from the central Charity Pot Fund.   Events Local Charity Pot events were created as a way of giving stores the opportunity to support local grassroots organisations that their teams are passionate about from within their communities. Having local groups for these events allows the stores to help to create a sense of community support between these group, their causes and our customers and gives groups the ability to share their own work with local people who otherwise might not have heard of it. During a Charity Pot event all the money raised through sales of Charity Pot will go to the group the store has chosen to host.   Grants All the money raised through the sales of Charity Pot (outside of the local events) is placed into a central fund from which grants can be given to groups working in the areas of: Animal Rights, Environmental Protection and Human Rights. Charity Pot grants provide one-off funding to small, grassroots organisations. We prioritise projects that aim to create long-term change as Lush believe it is important to fund projects aiming to target the root cause of a problem, not just its effects. To receive Charity Pot grants, groups are asked to submit an online application to the central Charity Pot fund with details of their group, project, budget etc. which will be looked at by a funding panel before a decision is made. Whereas local events are designed to support local groups the central Charity Pot fund aims to support as many different organisations as possible from all over the world.